Summer Split Team Preview: Immortals

After a mediocre 8-10 record in the Spring Split, Immortals are looking to bounce back after missing the playoffs. Immortals made the biggest move of the offseason, a trade between their star jungler Dardoch, and CLG’s ex-jungler Xmithie. Trading in their brash, playmaking jungler, for a veteran, underrated jungler, is a move that shook the league. They also hired Kim “SSONG” Sang-soo, ex-player for Najin, and coach for Najin, Longzhu Gaming, and the ROX Tigers. The Immortals organization is taking steps to move towards a more stable team as franchising is now confirmed for 2018. Immortalsares going to need some of their carries to step up if they are going to have a chance to make the playoffs this summer and make some kind of miracle run to get to worlds.

Seasoned coach SSONG hired

This move was heavily overshadowed by the jungler trade that happened 6 days previous to this announcement. This is not the first time a team has imported a Korean coach into NA. Like C9 Reapered, who has helped fill the macro game holes left by the shot-calling of Hai,  Immortals is looking for that same fit in SSONG. SSONG has a strong pedigree coaching for the past 4 years for Najin then the ROX Tigers and then finally Longzhu.  Another reason this is a good fit is that of the communication issues that plague teams with players that speak different languages. SSONG will be able to translate his strategy more effectively to Flame and Olleh. Immortals have talked a lot more about building the right kind of organization and not so much about winning in the short term. I expect that SSONG will be given longer than this split to help build the foundation Immortals is looking for, so I don’t expect success right away.

Player to Watch: Cody Sun

Cody Sun has big shoes to fill in the 12-time “Player of the Game” Dardoch. His performance gradually improved over the split and started to work quite well with Olleh. He had the highest CSD10 of any ADC that played a full season. So the laning phase was his strength, on the other hand, he had many questionable mid-game decisions getting caught out often in humorous ways.

For example:

Other than a few misteps, to be expected of any rookie in the LCS, he has high upside. When he was in challenger he was hyped, and for good reason. His previous IGN was TM8 or Massacre, here are a few highlights:

If Cody Sun can replicate his Challenger success, Immortals may have a young star in the making that could help them in the long-term.

Prediction: 7th

Immortals have taken a different approach for this season. As LCS franchising is now confirmed, Immortals are looking to long-term organization building. Their roster is a mix of older seasoned veterans that Immortals have brought in to help foster their younger players. Their new coach will need some time to build something successful so in my opinions the playoffs are not in this team’s forecast.

Will the new additions, propel the Immortals into the playoffs?

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