I Started a Podcast!

Alrighty, week 2 here we go. So currently I’m still looking for a summer internship preferably in some sort of esports position. Unfortunately the esports scene in Dallas is not built up as much as it is in California, mainly LA, where a lot of teams/esports companies are located. I have tried applying to a bunch of different gaming companies located in Dallas that potentially could get into esports but have not heard back yet. It looks like God is leading me to get a “normal” job for the summer and continue to be on the lookout for opportunities in the future. If you know anyone working in esports I would love to talk to them but since most people are unfamiliar with the industry I figure this is a long shot.

Other than the job hunt, I released my first podcast yesterday on soundcloud, I’ll put the link at the end. Let me give y’all a heads up for people that potentially will want to listen, there is some NSFW (not safe for work) language used by my guests so beware. Also, Episode 1 we talk mostly about League of Legends. If you do not play League this podcast will most likely just soar over your head. With this podcast I am going for a “the ticket” style podcast where it is conversational and informal. I hope to talk with people who are passionate about other video games and their respective professional scenes in the future. If you play any popular esports games and want to sit down and educate me, I would love to have you on!

Lastly, by random circumstance, thank you Kevin Bennett, I ran into tickets to the ESL Pro League Finals Season 5! Now if all those words meant nothing to you I’ll translate. Basically there is a weekly Counter Strike (shoot ’em up video game) league, similar format to football where professional teams play matches every week and compete in a playoff tournament at the end of the season. The semifinals and finals of the playoffs are being held in Dallas June 3-4 and I get to go! This will be my first live esports event and I am so excited to experience the action first hand. 😀 That is all for my weekly post, thanks for reading!

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