ESL Gamescom PUBG Invitational Day 1 Recap: Solo

Day 1 from Gamescom has wrapped up and there has been insane gun fights, terrible camera angles, and hilarious bike crashes. This is a quick recap of everything you missed from an interesting event so far.

Evermore takes 1st, TSM_BreaK takes 2nd, Liquid Hayz gets 3rd

Evermore, a former Overwatch pro that spent time on South Korea’s Kongdoo Monster, took 1st place in the solo event. In the event’s 3 games of 76 contestants, Evermore took 20th  in the 1st game, 1st place in the 2nd game, and 9th in the 3rd. He won the event even though he only had 4 total kills. Winning the event gave players 500 points while kills only 5 points per kill. The scoring system seemed to reward players for playing defensively and that was how Evermore decided to play. His approach in 2/3 games was to stay along the Northeast coast and eventually grab a boat and go to spawn island. This approach allowed Evermore to avoid most players until later in the game where he would grab his boat and travel back into the circle. Although uninteresting as this might be to the viewer, it was effective in getting him a high placing in all 3 games.

As for TSM_BreaK, to win the 1st game he used the F***boi shack in the middle of the circle to mow down any player that happened to mosey on by. His aggressive style netted him 11 kills and the win, finishing the game with an epic gunfight with Liquid Hayz. BreaK totaled 16 kills throughout the entire event but ended up losing to Evermore in overall points because of his placing. I would argue that kills are not rewarded highly enough as ESL’s tournament seemed to incentivize players to avoid gunfights and play more defensively. This played out very clearly in the top 2 finishers. An 11 kill game against an elite lineup of 76 players can’t be understated. To only receive 55 points for 11 kills, where players placing 38th-49th received 60 points, shows this scoring system is flawed. We want our PUBG tournaments to promote the action and gunfights because those are the aspects that make it interesting. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not crapping on Evermore and his strategy, he played the game quite effectively based on the rules set out for the players. I’m criticizing the tournament’s poor scoring system.


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