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ESL Gamescom PUBG Invitational Day 1 Recap: Solo

Day 1 from Gamescom has wrapped up and there has been insane gun fights, terrible camera angles, and hilarious bike crashes. This is a quick recap of everything you missed from an interesting event so far. Evermore takes 1st, TSM_BreaK takes 2nd, Liquid Hayz gets 3rd Evermore, a former Overwatch pro that spent time on South

Summer Split Team Preview: Immortals

After a mediocre 8-10 record in the Spring Split, Immortals are looking to bounce back after missing the playoffs. Immortals made the biggest move of the offseason, a trade between their star jungler Dardoch, and CLG’s ex-jungler Xmithie. Trading in their brash, playmaking jungler, for a veteran, underrated jungler, is a move that shook the league. They also

Summer Split Team Preview: Team SoloMid

For a team that just won their 5th NALCS title in the Spring Split, disappointing is the word that came to mind for many fans after they failed to make top 4 at MSI. So much so, people started discussing if failing at international events was to be expected of the NA region. Sometimes the community

4 Things You Need To Know About Riot’s Rift Rivals

Around noon on Tuesday, Riot released an article on about Rift Rivals, an upcoming addition to the League of Legends Pro circuit. If you haven’t read it, check it out here. Riot explained that the event will be, “held in multiple locations across the world during July 3-9, Rift Rivals will pit regional rivals against each

I Started a Podcast!

Alrighty, week 2 here we go. So currently I’m still looking for a summer internship preferably in some sort of esports position. Unfortunately the esports scene in Dallas is not built up as much as it is in California, mainly LA, where a lot of teams/esports companies are located. I have tried applying to a

The Start

This is the story of my journey to pursue my dreams, I’ll be explaining where I’m at along the way, so here it goes! About a month ago I was watching a few YouTube videos as I normally do and I started watching a lot of Gary Vaynerchuk’s videos. For those of you who do