Author: Mason Goss


The first episode of the Esports Bar Podcast! Me and my good friends Nick and Patrick to┬átalk new champions in league of legends, mid season tank update, and more! [soundcloud id=’319103820′ height=’false’ color=’#fa8900′] Follow us on Twitter: @theesportsbar Thank you so much for listening! If you have any comments/criticism please tell me, I want to

I Started a Podcast!

Alrighty, week 2 here we go. So currently I’m still looking for a summer internship preferably in some sort of esports position. Unfortunately the esports scene in Dallas is not built up as much as it is in California, mainly LA, where a lot of teams/esports companies are located. I have tried applying to a

The Start

This is the story of my journey to pursue my dreams, I’ll be explaining where I’m at along the way, so here it goes! About a month ago I was watching a few YouTube videos as I normally do and I started watching a lot of Gary Vaynerchuk’s videos. For those of you who do