About Me

My Story

The Esports Bar Podcast is a project started because of my love for video games and sports! I grew up involved in both and discovered esports in 2013 and have fell in love ever since! I mainly focus on League of Legends because I play that game the most but I am passionate about CS:GO, Hearthstone, and fighting games too! In the future I want to start my own esports organization and have teams in a bunch of different games.

Who am I?

My name is Mason Goss and currently I’m a Senior at the University of Texas at Dallas studying Entrepreneurship. I grew up in the suburbs of Dallas playing sports and video games and I also have a heart for people. I work part time at a Mexican restaurant as a waiter and I volunteer for a Christian ministry called Young life. In my free time you can find me playing video games, watching movies, or debating sports with my friends!

Next Steps…

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